My Best Friend

When you work shift work you find that your DVR is your best friend.

If you want to keep up with important shows like all of the Real Housewives, Don’t be Tardy, and any other reality show you can think of, you don’t want to miss an episode because you’re stuck at work.  Now I’ll tell you a little secret.  We do have a TV at work, and when at work I’m kind of a remote hoarder.  I sometimes put whatever show I like to watch on, but it’s hard to completely pay attention, when work is interrupting your TV time. So even if I watch a show at work, I still have it recording at home.

Both my daughter and I have become pretty dependent on the DVR, which is why it is now my best friend.  The DVR is always there for me no matter what time of day it is, always there to entertain me when I’m bored, and usually never let’s me down.

I’ve contemplated at times getting rid of satellite TV and the DVR, to try and save a little money, and every time I mention it my daughter she falls on the floor in a state of shock, and I end up having to throw water on her face to bring her back to reality.  The thought of losing the 44 recorded episodes of Dance Mom’s is too hard for her to comprehend.  If you think I’m joking, I’m not.   44 episodes people.


And yes, that is my recording of Teen Mom 2 on there… please don’t judge me.

If you haven’t stopped reading already, and I wouldn’t blame you if have.. I am comparing my DVR to my best friend, there is a point to this post. :)

I live in a small town, it’s about 20 miles to the nearest “big city”, and I like it like that.  I couldn’t handle traffic everyday, and I don’t think anyone around me could handle me if I was stuck in traffic all day.  I usually try and save my trips to the city for once a week or even two weeks sometimes.  I save up all the stores that I go to for that one day, so I can get it all done, and not waste gas driving back and forth.

This bitch is on a budget people.


And may also be at work slightly hung over in this picture.

I can’t be wasting gas.  I conserve gas.  Which leads to me…

When I’m off during the week, I usually am home, unless I have an appointment or something that cannot wait.  I save up a bunch of my shows on the DVR and save them for these days, and not wanting to feel completely unproductive I do things that are on my to do list during commercial breaks.

I know one of the joys of a DVR is that you can fast forward through the commercials, but for me, I use that time to be productive so I don’t feel like my day is a complete waste.

Does anyone else do that, or am I the only one?

Do you keep a to do list?  I do.  Everyday.  I sometimes put things on there like take trash out, do laundry, make dinner so that I can feel the sense of accomplishment when I cross off something off my list.  I mean who would forget to make dinner?  I wouldn’t but I still like to be able to cross it off the list once it’s done.

And though this post was full of randomness… it all came together at the end.

Didn’t it?



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