And the spree continues… Wheeeeeee!

After debating all night if I should go back to Hobby Lobby to get the pink curtains for my room I decided that if I had thought about them that much, I needed to go back and see if they were still there.

Even though Sharele had worked the midnight shift last night, I knew she would be up for going to the stores after dropping the girls off at school.

I didn’t get a picture of us from today, so I’ll have to do a #tbt…


I knew it would be easier for you to imagine our day, if you could see a picture of us.

Now just imagine us in a car,

sunglasses on,

music turned,

the windows down,

wind blowing through our hair,

hanging our arms out the window like we were on a road trip.

No?  You can’t picture it?

Probably because that’s not how it happened.

Our sun glasses were on, to hide our non- makeup wearing selves.

The music was turned off, because at 8:30 we needed a little quiet time.

The windows were cracked, it was a little chilly this morning.

The wind was not blowing through our hair, because we would’ve probably cussed it out.  The wind, not our hair.

And we were not hanging our arms out the window, because we were not on a road trip and we didn’t want to imagine such a fun thing.

First stop… The Dollar Tree… where everything is a dollar.  Whoop, Whoop!  My grand total.. $5.48!  I freaking love that place.

This is what I walked away with.

dollar tree

I’ll pause and let you count those items again.


Why yes, there are 9 items there, a roll of wrapping paper is not pictured.

How did I get 5 items for free??

I’m new to this couponing world, and I am planning on writing a post on it.

I’m by far no expert, and there are many times I walk away frustrated because something messed up, but on days like this.. I like to pat myself on the back.

I got the 3 deodorants for free!

I used 3 coupons out of the Sunday paper that were for $1.00 each.

At the Dollar Tree, you can use up to 4 coupons, and 2 internet coupons.  They also have to match the item completely.  My cashier today put her glasses on and made sure that each coupon was exact.

The Palmolive soap and the Soft soap were each 1.00 off of 2.  So, it’s like getting one item for free.

I’m careful though.  I don’t use coupons just to use them.  I had a coupon for 1.00 off 2 Hefty slider bags, but when I looked at the items the Hefty slider bags came with only 15 bags in each box, while an off brand came with 50 in a box.  Obviously I didn’t think this was a good deal, so I passed.  I guess one must decide if having the slider on the Ziploc bag is worth it.  For me, it’s not.

After leaving the Dollar Tree it was time to go to Hobby Lobby to see if my curtains were still there.  As I walked in, I told Sharele that this store is dangerous.  For my wallet, that is.

And so I found my curtains, amongst other things…

hobby lobby 2

Sorry for the half blurry picture.  I really didn’t realize it was that bad until just now.  I was also trying to hurry and take the picture, because the black box might just be for Justine.  I have yet to decide, but just incase I didn’t want her to see it.

Decisions, decisions.

I didn’t do too bad, for being in that store two days in a row.

Next up, dropping off a few things at the Goodwill.  I had been driving around with a few bags of clothes in my car for a few weeks now.  I was so glad to finally get the stuff out of my car and cross off Goodwill on my never ending to do list.

While dropping the items off at Goodwill, I was thinking that I needed to look for vacuum as I was spending money like I wasn’t a bitch on a budget.   There was a Kohl’s a few lights down and knowing that they had some kick ass sales sometimes I decided that I needed to go look and see if by chance, they might have had a vacuum on clearance.  Here is my advice to you…

If you are looking for a vacuum, and you have already spent a little bit of money, do not go to the clothing section and look at the clearance racks just incase they might have a great deal.

You might happen to find some hot pink pants from Lauren Conrad’s collection, that you must have.

pink pants

They look cuter in person.

On a side note… I love LC… Lauren Conrad.  I started watching her on Laguna Beach and then watched her on The Hills, and always wanted her and Jason to get back together… I’m a sucker for doomed teenage love, even when the teenagers are now in they’re 20’s.

And ummmm… what about Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson.  I never wanted to see them get divorced, and even though they are remarried to other people and have kids, deep down I still want them to get back together.

What can I say… I have issues.

At the next rack you will find this cute shirt for next winter…

gold shirt

which I couldn’t pass up for only $5.

At this point you know that you need to get to the vacuums, but on the way there a super soft brown blanket catches your eye.

You know those baby blankets that look super, super soft?  The one’s where you silently say a prayer hoping you would find one just a little bit bigger for yourself.

I found one!

In Jennifer Lopez’s collection.

And it was 90% off…


faux fur

Of course, I had to rip it out of the package as soon as I got home.

I wish I could tell you that I went home after that and balanced my checkbook after the damage I did the past two days, but no, I would be lying if I did.

I had a coupon for a free dessert at Red Robin, and knew that we had to use it soon.  Once Justine gets out of school next week, I really won’t be making too many trips into Fred (the city).  Her school is about half way, so I usually drop her off at school and drive the rest of the way.

It’s all about conserving, baby.

Knowing that we were going to have dessert we decided to spilt the Whiskey Burger.  It was really good, with onion straws, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and barbecue sauce.  Our waitress was nice enough to split the burgers into two baskets with some fries.  I was so glad that we decided to split a burger once we saw dessert.

ice cream

It never stood a chance.

Our day ended with a run through Walmart, where I found the best deals!


I had been looking for a cork board so I can make Justine’s chore chart, and was so glad I found one for $3.  I know that she’s excited as well.  Muwahahahaha!

The Biscoff Spread was on clearance for $1!  I wish I had picked up a couple more jars, but at this point my spending was starting to lay have on my mind.  I know you are thinking.. “It took you that long?” 

I should’ve had that thought about 24 hours ago, the first time I stepped foot into Hobby Lobby.

The Almay deodorant I actually made $1.46 on since I had a coupon that was more than the product.  I love when that happens!

I can’t complain about my spreeeee, but I am glad it’s over.

Once I got home, I didn’t feel like getting my wallet out one more time.

Oh yea, and I did get this.


The End.




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