Operation Leftover

This week is all about leftovers.  When I think about the food that I have in my fridge that I need to use, I really don’t think I will be having to cook much this week, besides heating up the occasional tortilla.

I’m in the process of using up everything that will go bad.

I am not going to the grocery store this week.

You can take the hint, if you’d like.

I thought, I’d start off Operation: Use up food by throwing together two things for dinner.

First up I felt that a salad was calling my name…

like, seriously calling my name.


I don’t know why my food likes talking to me all the time.  I think it thinks I’m going to forget about it.

After my fat kid eats over the past few days, a salad sounded absolutely drool worthy. I love salads, and could eat them everyday, all day.  Not just lettuce though.  I need a crap load of toppings on my salad.  Other veggies, cheese, croutons (which I know don’t have no nutritional value) but I love the crunch, and dressing.  Ruby Tuesday’s salad bar is like heaven to me.

I used up the rest of my romaine, so cucumber, edamame, cucumber, carrots, and blue cheese.

It was delicious.

I still have some cheese, cracker, and meat from my party last Sunday, so I figured it was time for me to use that up.

As I was thinking that I had spinach, mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce that needed to be used, I then though of the pepperoni that was in the cheese tray.










I thought what better way to use all these ingredients than in a quesadilla.

Does anyone else actually say ques-a-dilla in their heads, or is it just me?


I threw on some caramelized onions as well.

I’m a big fan of quesadillas and see them in my future this coming week.

After eating out more than usual, I especially like making meals at home, even if they are simple.

I used to be the one that loved going out to eat, but I have slowly transitioned to enjoy eating at home.  Don’t get me wrong, I still like going out to eat, but I’d rather use the food I have at home, then to spend extra money going out to eat.

That’s being a bitch on a budget, for you :)

It’s time to enjoy my quesadilla while watching a little Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows.

I sure hope it picks up because the first 25 minutes have kind of been a bore, and if it doesn’t catch my attention soon, I might be checking out Diners, Drive in’s, and Dives to get some more food ideas.

2 thoughts on “Operation Leftover

    • Awww, you’re welcome! I’m always here to help. I love salad, and am kind of upset I don’t have any lettuce left, but I need to continue on with Operation Leftovers. Thanks for stopping by :)

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