I wish


What am I wishing for today…

That this girl…


enjoyed her last day of fifth grade.

And this girl…

birthday cake

will be so happy about graduating the 6th grade, and be excited for a whole new adventure as she enters middle school.

I wish that I had a Boss Hog right about now…


It’s probably a good thing I’m waiting until tomorrow to get this deliciousness into my belly, since my stomach is feeling a little off today.¬† :(

I wish that I had…


a dish fairy to come and wash all these dishes.

I wish that coffee didn’t taste so good…


I might have broken down and made another cup as soon as this picture was taken.

coffe1 Oops..

I guess it was just a three cup of coffee kind of day.

I wish that tomorrow…

weatherThis weather would pass by. I have a list of places that I need want to go tomorrow.

I mean it will be okay if I don’t go, but I was really looking forward to spending the day with Justine, running a few errands, and meeting some friends of ours to catch up.

I wish that mangoes would have smaller seeds.


And I wish all you a great day!

What are you wishing for today?

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