Summer Bucket List 2013

Even though it’s almost July, I feel like our summer is really just beginning.

Justine was in school until June 13th, and then we left for Niagara Falls on the 16th, which us only getting into summer living this week.

After seeing this post, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and create my own Summer Bucket List 2013.

bucket list

I started writing down ideas as I thought of them.  Things that I might not always do.  Things that I wanted to do, but never went though with.  New adventures that for Justine and I to do.

Last year, I was kind of going through some things, and didn’t have the desire to do much but sleep, eat, work, and watch the complete Sex and the City series.  Justine and I would sleep in, get up, and go get on the couch.  One on one side one on the other.  We made it to the pool about three times that summer.

I was in a funk and I pulled my 10 year daughter into the funk with me.

This summer I am in a much better place, and I thank God for that.

I don’t want the summer days to pass us by, so I came up with a little list to help guide us into doing new things.

Summer Bucket List 2013:

1) Go to Carl’s one evening for dessert.

2) Make homemade ice cream

3) Redo coffee table

4) Go to local Farmer’s Market

5) Slumber Party

6) Sit on porch during a thunderstorm

7) Take a day trip some place new

8) Have a day for picking crabs

9) Grill a pizza

10) Grill salad

11) Scavenger Hunt

12) Solomon’s Island

13) Richmond Farmer’s Market

14) YMCA waterpark

And the just recently added:

15) Eat outside

16) Visit a local farm

I’m so excited for all of our adventures this summer.  I really think that I am going to keep with the season’s bucket list, to keep us trying new things.

Justine does not like all my ideas, but I’m going to drag her along with me, even if she’s kicking and screaming :)

Do you have a summer bucket list?  What things are on it?

5 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List 2013

  1. Fantastic! I love the ones about visiting farmer’s markets- theres a few near where I live and they are amazing. I might steal your idea about visiting a local farm- would be really interesting!

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