There Once Was a Girl

There once was a girl, who had her share of bad relationships.

She had recently gotten out of a bad one, and her friend seeing that she deserved better kept her eyes open for someone new.

The friend thought about her children’s dance teacher, who was going through a divorce, but loved God..

and she thought PERFECT.

Through a little back and forth….

the guy and girl decided to meet.

They met for coffee one afternoon and talked for a couple hours.

Neither one really wanting to leave they hugged outside on the side walk.

She walked away thinking, maybe,

maybe it was her time.

Excitement grew in the pit of her stomach.

From that moment on, they talked daily.

They would talk for hours throughout the day.

They would send text messages to one another when conversations could not be had.

They went out on dates,

he met her friends.

She met his Dad.

They followed each other on Instagram.

He was going through a lot,

and she tried to be there for him.

She was always one to try and take care of others.

He would listen to her as she agonized over daily stress.

He would talk to her until he would sometimes fall asleep.

She liked their relationship.

It wasn’t too much.

It wasn’t too less.

He would come over

and they would watch Amish Mafia together.

All of this,

in about a month.

Then one day she awoke.

No texts or calls were received.

She didn’t think too much about it,

until she happened across his Instagram.

“No Photos” it said,

and at first she did not understand.

She googled what this meant,

and realized she had been blocked.

She that there stunned,

knowing what this meant.

She had been broken up with,

by being blocked on Instagram.

She was 32.

He was 36.

They were both too old,

to be acting like this.

Never a word was spoken,

she still doesn’t understand why.

And at times she is still sad.

Fast forward five months.

She is happy with who she is.

She has worked hard,

finding who she really is.

Loving who she has become.

Finding peace within yoga.

Finding strength within running.

Eliminating the toxins from her life.

She is happy,

and you can see it in her face.

She is confident,

and you can see it in how she walks.

She has lost some weight,

though she has more to go.

She saw him today,

as they both were at the school’s open house.

She held her head up with pride,

and she walked past him

though her heart pounded inside of her chest.

She wondered what he though.

Could he see the change within her?

She wondered if there was even a thought,

about her in his mind.

Though they only cross paths,

a few times a year

she still wonders how he is,

or if he thinks of her.

She wishes that she could cut her feelings,

as quickly as others can.

She wishes that a chance encounter,

wouldn’t have her thinking of him 12 hours later.

She only hopes now,

that he looks at her,

healthy and happy,

and glowing with life,

and thinks.

Maybe I shouldn’t have acted like I was 14,

and maybe I shouldn’t have blocked her on Instagram.



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4 thoughts on “There Once Was a Girl

  1. UGH boys. Why do they do things like this?! I had so many guys I dated break up with me via text message, via the silent treatment, or by facebook defriending. So lame. You deserve better.

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