I’m Back

So, I’m back.

It’s been rough.

It seems like I went to the hospital like two weeks ago, not four days ago.

After getting home on Monday, well Tuesday around 3:00 in the morning, I ended up going to sleep between like 4-5.

I still did what I had to get done during the day, but at a slower pace.  I was overly tired.  I wasn’t feeling well, but I still attempted to go to work Tuesday night.  I made it 3 hours before waving the white flag and went home.

I had a repeat of Tuesday, I still did what I had to do, but I didn’t do any extra.  I slept in the evening.

I knew I was off schedule and when Justine agreed with me without hesitation I knew that I was probably sicker than I really wanted to admit.

I took my temp on Wednesday night, and ended up having a fever.  I called work and let them know that I wouldn’t be going in that night.  I instead crawled into bed and slept some more.

Then on Thursday I woke up, and went back to the doctor.  They advised me that all was looking well, continue on the antibiotics, and take it easy.

My question…

“When can I run again?”

You guys, I know that I ran on Monday.  It was the worst run yet, but it was also part of the reason I knew that my body was fighting some kind of illness, and losing.

The Physician’s assistant told me to give it a week.

A week?

You guys, I don’t want to wait a week.  I’m afraid that this runner’s high that I was on… the wanting to run.. the challenging myself to run farther… the progress I was making is going to fly right out the window.

That’s the last thing that I want to happen.

So I decided to start off small.

On Tuesday the only amount of exercise I did was to hold a plank for 60 seconds.  I literally did no sort of exercising on Wednesday and Thursday.

Today is my Friday, so once I get off in the morning I am done until Sunday.

I’m sure some people are thinking, real nice.  Work 1 day, must be nice, but these past few days were nothing fun.  Now it’s time to get my routine back in my life.  I feel off when I am all out of whack.

Today I’m going to do some light yoga.  I mean light, a little Yin Yoga, to just help me relax and stretch my muscles.  I’ll probably also get back to my plank challenge.

Over the weekend, I’ll probably hop on the treadmill, just to walk.

Then on Monday, I will ease back into my half marathon training by starting off with the elliptical, and then shorter runs.

I got it all planned out in this little noggin of mine.

My eats this week have been a little like my sleep.  I snacked, but didn’t really eat a meal.  I napped, but didn’t really get that good nights sleep.

Thursday, was the first day that I actually started wanting something kind of substantial to eat.

For breakfast I cooked some hash browns, with onions, cheese, an egg, and some hot sauce.

fridayThis is probably my favorite breakfast right now.  So good.

After leaving the doctor I had to run by the store real quick and ended up picking myself up a little get well present.

friday1Nothing says get well like White Coconut Chocolate.

Get in my belly.

Ha!  It’s still unopened in my purse, but at least I know I have it for when I really need a treat.

For a pick me up before work, I decided to ground up some graham crackers with a little melted butter.

friday2Then add a scoop of pumpkin ice cream, and a little hot fudge.

friday3It was pretty tasty, but I can’t get the graham cracker like how Coldstone does.  How do they get it to taste so darn good??

I’ve been getting my veggies in, don’t want you to think that I’m living off sugar.

I am craving some comfort food, but I just don’t know what that is just yet.

After leaving the hospital, all I wanted was some greasy fast food, but instead I went home and ate a salad.

So that’s what my week has looked like.

I hope to be getting back to normal real soon, because I don’t function well without normalcy in my life.

Justine was good during this time.  I picked up a movie on Tuesday and Wednesday, so that helped with the times that I was napping.

I’m glad to be back.

How has your week been??



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7 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Taking time off for illness is definitely not fun, but when your body is preoccupied with fighting off an infection, it’s more likely to get injured! So you don’t want that either. I think you’ve got a pretty good plan going though!

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