It’s that time of year

It’s starting to really feel like Christmas to me.

Besides having the Christmas lights on my house, and the Christmas tree glowing in the living room, I had my first Christmas get together this past friday.

My best friend Erin and her family used to live right across from us.  It was a short walk across the sidewalk to see her.  She also had a daughter that was only two weeks part in age from Justine.  Both our friendships were just meant to be.

Sadly, they moved away from us about 2-3 years ago, and things have not been the same since.

We only live about 30 minutes apart, but with our busy lives we only get to see each other every few months.  I can always guarantee a nice get together though come Christmas.

Friday I got to baking:

No Bake Cheesecake

Don’t judge.


My grandma makes this pie for Justine when she stays over, and when my grandmother finds out you like something, she makes sure you stay stocked up.  Which means I have a few of these in my pantry.

What better time to make this, then to take with us to our Christmas get together?


Do you ever have those things that you kind of dread making, because for whatever reason you think it’s going to be some type of chore?  This cheesecake is it for me.  I dreaded making it because I thought it was something that got stuck to the pan and would be a doosy to slice.  Though it stuck to the pan a tad, it wasn’t anything like how I allowed myself to believe.

Justine’s reaction when she saw what I was making?

“Yessssss!”, and that is all that matters.

Maple Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting

These, these cupcakes are probably the best cupcakes I have ever made.


I made these to take with me as well, and is another reason why I made the cheesecake.

My child would rather have a boxed cheesecake, then homemade cupcakes.

I often ask myself, if she is really my daughter.

Her eating habits must be passed on from that male subject that rhymes with bother.

That just means there are more cupcakes for the adults.

And can I just tell you the icing might not seem much to you, but I felt pretty fancy.  I put the icing in a ziplock bag, cut the corner and then piped it onto the cupcake.

Can I just make this one kind of cupcake for the rest of my life? :)

They got rave reviews from all the taste testers, which included myself, and my friend, Erin.

Pumpkin Bagels

When we head over to my friend’s house, we also pack incase Momma has too much to drink and we end up staying the night.  In preparation I made bagels for breakfast the next morning.

I had never made bagels before, so this was kind of a big deal to me.

My favorite part of making anything in the bread department is the kneading of the dough.

It’s therapeutic for me.











It wasn’t as long a process as I thought it was going to be, and before I knew it was shaping them into bagels.



I can’t believe I forgot to take an after picture of the bagels once they were baked, but they turned out great.

I will never buy store bought bagels again,

like ever.

Maple Walnut Cream Cheese

I’ve made pumpkin cream cheese before, but I didn’t want to have pumpkin bagels and pumpkin cream cheese, so I made this cream cheese instead.



I am thankful that on Friday morning, I got my run in before it rained.

I dropped Justine off with my Dad and then got our in their neighborhood with the sky looking like it could unleash at any moment.  I needed to get 3.1 done for my training week, and as I got closer and the wind picked up, I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen.  Before I knew it I was back at my car, before the rain began.



And I’ll tell you no longer than a few minutes later the rain began to fall.



This nail polish.

weekend15I painted two coats this evening, and no joke it was dry in 60 seconds.

Just Say No

And finally I am truly thankful that a year ago today I quit the nasty habit I had for so many years, smoking.

I prayed for so many nights, for God to just take the desire away from me.

I prayed for my health.

I was tired of sneaking outside because I didn’t want to smoke in front of Justine.

I was tired of smelling like smoke.

I was tired of wasting my money on something that was so bad for me.

I was tired of worrying that one day, they would find something wrong with me, and I would live with the guilt of thinking I should have quit sooner.

And this day, December 8th, I woke up and knew that today was going to be that day.

I quit smoking cold turkey on this day 1 year ago, and I have never looked back.

I don’t miss it.

I can’t imagine picking up a cigarette.

That addiction that had held me captive for so long was no longer there.

I know that I couldn’t have done it on my own.

I know God was there for m every step of the way.

That he gave me the courage and the strength to quit smoking, and never look back.

And for that I am forever grateful.


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