Mother- Daughter Date

I took a little time off of work after Christmas.  I took my birthday off, then worked Saturday, and took Sunday and Monday off.

Unfortunately, going to work on Saturday allowed me to catch the funk that swarms around the office.  I have been battling a sore throat for the past two days now.

Yesterday, before heading out for the day I made sure to get some Emergen-C and tea in me.


The tea was Mighty Leaf, Organic African Nectar.  I had gotten a few of Mighty Leaf’s tea to sample in one of my Birch Boxes.

It was really good.

I’ve been making my tea with a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream and some maple sugar.  I think the heavy cream really adds to the taste of the tea.

When I used to drink coffee, and even when I switched to tea I would always use flavored cream.  I was also deathly afraid of the fatty whipping cream!  When I let go of that number obsession I realized that heavy whipping cream only had about 15 more calories per tablespoon than flavored creamer, and a lot less ingredients!

Just my opinion :)

Yesterday ended up being quite the day.

Keeping up with celebrating my birthday for like a week, not just one day, yesterday Justine and I headed out to the Burg to use all my birthday coupons.

We headed out around 9:30 in the morning, with our first stop being breakfast, of course.


Krispy Kreme!!

I got a free donut and fountain drink.

birth9I had to go with my favorite… Maple glazed.

We then headed over to Lowes to purchase my new washer.  We ended up wasting spending more time in there then I expected, and lets just say by the end it wasn’t such a pretty sight.

I will say though that they held true to their word.  The washer I purchased, I found $2 cheaper at a competitors store.  I pointed that out to the sales associate who then met that price and deducted 10% off of the lower price.  It pays to price shop people!

I will also say, that even though I didn’t have the best experience at Lowes today, it doesn’t ruin my opinion of them and I will definitely continue going back for all my house hold purchases.

We worked up quite the appetite standing around Lowes for over a hour, so our next stop was obviously lunch and on the list was Bravo for my free birthday meal.

Our waiter was pretty nice, even though I had to convince him that Justine was in fact still a kid, and could still order off the children’s menu!

birth4I asked the waiter if they had chicken and fries, and he said they did but it was on the kid menu and he didn’t want to get in trouble with is manager.  I assured him that she was in fact still a kid and he asked her how old she was.  She told him 11, and he still didn’t look convinced so after telling him that I was her mother and verifying the year she was born I think that he finally believed us.  He was pretty sweet though.

I got Lobster Ravioli which was so good.

birth3There was not a bite left once I was finished.

birth2Since we were already at the mall, we took a trip quick inside for my third free item of the day.

birth5Auntie Anne’s pretzels.  I always thought it was Aunt Annie’s pretzels until this very moment.  I’m kind of blown I’ve been calling it something different all this time.

I ran a few errands between all these fun stops, and hit up Hobby Lobby, Aldi’s, and Va Runner to pick up my race bib for Wednesday’s Resolution 5k.

birth8Can I tell you a secret?

I have a little anxiety about this race, because 1) I haven’t ran since December 23rd. 2) I have no one running with me.  3) I get nervous when I have to do something alone for the first time.

It’s not so much the running part, because I can run by myself.  It’s the getting there, and waiting at the start line that makes my stomach a little queasy.  I know that once I get this solo race under my belt that if I have to run again by myself, I’ll be okay with it.

I’m keeping my finger’s crossed.

I wasn’t hungry at this point, but I had another coupon to use at Noodles and Company.

I had never been to Noodles and Company before, so I was excited to try something new.  I ordered the Shrimp Pad Thai to go.

birth7It was okay, but it seemed to be lacking on the flavor.  It didn’t taste like it had any sort of sauce or spice to it.  I ended up adding some soy sauce on it at home.  Maybe I’m missing something?

Our last stop was Coldstone Creamery.  I didn’t take a picture of my pumpkin ice cream with graham cracker crust mix-in, because it’s sitting in my freezer as we speak.

There was no room in my belly for one more thing.

So, I did have to purchase Justine’s food items on our outing.  For our two donuts, soft drink, lunch at Bravo, 2 pretzels, an icee, Noodle and Company bowl, and 2 ice creams it cost me about $25 which is what our lunch at Bravo would’ve been if my meal wasn’t free.

It wasn’t so much about getting the items for free, even though that was nice, but it’s just something fun that I do with Justine every year around my birthday.

I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Are you working this week?

Any New Year’s Eve plans?


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