I need a revision

Welp, I’m about 9 hours into the New Year and I’ve already had to revise my New Year’s Resolution.

Please tell me I am not the only failure one.

So you see one of my New Year’s resolution’s was to run one race a month.

Well, I’ve changed that to run 12 races this year.

I woke up New Year’s Eve morning with chills, and an upset stomach, feeling pretty drained, and my body just hurt.

I wanted to run.  I knew I would feel like I failed if I didn’t.  I would feel like I didn’t conquer the anxiety I was feeling.

I also knew that if I am sick, I’m sick.  To force myself to get up and run to prove a point would not be hurting anyone, but myself.

So I ended up staying home :(  Boo.

I lost out on my money and my run.

Yesterday was New Year’s Eve,

and I spent the whole day at home.

I had been battling this sore throat for a few days, and when I woke up Tuesday morning my body was feeling a little achy.  It wasn’t bad enough to put me on the couch for the day, but I wasn’t 100% either.

For breakfast I made Blueberry Breakfast Cake.

newI was so excited to find blueberries at the grocery store the other day, and they were cheap!  I grabbed two pints.


I spent most of my New Year’s Eve morning booking tickets for Justine and I to go to Mall of America in March!  We had some airline credit to use or lose, and I just can’t bare to think of losing.  Both of our tickets ended up costing me $10!  There was no way I could pass that up.

I also had enough miles so that I just had to pay $32 for our room.  I found a hotel right at Mall of America, that offers shuttles to and from the mall and the airport.

I’m really excited now!  I had gone back and forth about if we were really going to go, and yesterday just felt like the right moment to make it happen.

This will be my and Justine’s first adventure solo.  We’ve taken little getaways here and there.  We’ve gone on family vacays, but never on a plane by ourselves, and I’m kind of excited.

We got to counting our change jar, as soon as our flight was confirmed.

new2We counted out $55.

new3Not too shabby, for spare change.

Justine’s neighborhood friends started showing up for their New Year’s Eve get together and I got to cooking up some snacks.  Nothing spectacular just some chips and dips, mozzarella sticks, and spring rolls.

For me… I made an apple cider punch, with a splash of rum.

new4I drank some of it before realizing that the rum just wasn’t setting well with me, so I switched to water.

Justine’s friends had to leave to go to another party, and our neighbor Ryan came over to ring in the New Year with us.

Dessert was s’mores!

new7I got the roaster marshmallows which were a little too big for my liking.

I’ve been wanting to try out Reese’s instead of a chocolate bar on my s’mores, so that it was I did.

I heated the grill up.

new8And let these babies cook for about five minutes.

new9I will never use a chocolate bar on my s’mores again.  I will forever be a Reese’s s’mores girl from now on.

If you haven’t tried it, you are missing out.

And if you want to come over, I have extras that I will share with you because I don’t want anyone missing out on this deliciousness.

You should wait til I get over this funky sickness.

We rang in the New Year’s.


There is nobody I’d rather ring my New Year’s in with then this girl.

new5New Year’s Day has been spent at home.

I took our Christmas tree down in between laying on the couch.

It is so hard for me to lay down and rest when I think about all the things I need to be doing around the house.

How did your New Year’s Day go?





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4 thoughts on “I need a revision

  1. Well I’m glad you stayed in!! Better to rest for one day than to be sick and only half okay for weeks and weeks!! Happy new year!! Also, I think your revised goal is totally reasonable! It’s still the same number of races, no matter when you run them!

    • I told one of my girl friend’s my revision plan, and she said isn’t that the same thing you were doing. I had to explain to her that I took the months out of it which made me feel better. I can run 2 races in a month or none. It gives me some room work with.
      Happy New Year! Thanks for all your encouragement.

    • Thanks so much! I kind of felt like I was failing, but I also knew there was no way I could put my body through running when I was feeling so bad. Hopefully, I’ll be 100% soon and back to running.
      Sorry that you were sick on New Year’s. It’s never the best way to welcome in the New Year.

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