What do you choose?

Ever since I got my haircut,

day13I’ve been spending a little extra time doing my hair.

I was telling my hairdresser that I never know what to do with my hair, or what products I should use.  When I was growing up and all the girl’s were learning how to do their makeup and hair, I was no where to be found?  I always feel like I missed the memo, and now that I’m in my 30’s I don’t even know where to start.

Anywho, Trish (my hairdresser) was telling me a few things.  She told me to put a little mousse in my hair.  Done.

And then I started blow drying it,

and flat ironing.

And then I started noticing all these flyaway hair that stick up all over my head, and before I probably wouldn’t have cared too much about it, but now I take a little more pride in myself.

I found some Bedhead After Party, which has worked wonders on the flyaway hairs and static that ruins my hair in the winter.  It also smells good… win-win.

It never really took me long to get ready, because I really didn’t put in any effort.

And make up…. another one of those things that I never really learned how to do.  I know how to throw on a little eye shadow and mascara, but that’s a bout as much as my make up skills will take me.  So I started doing what all 12 30ish girl’s do, and started looking up you tube videos.

I’ve started simple, a little eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss.  It’s a start though.

It got me thinking…

a year ago, I was at my lowest point.


This was me a year ago.  It’s one of a very few pictures of me during our trip to Hawaii.  Most of them ended up in the shredder.

I was at my highest wait.  Ever.

I wasn’t healthy.

I was eating and drinking whatever I wanted.

I was taking medication daily for my anxiety.

I wasn’t exercising.

I had no confidence in myself.

And I put no effort in to making myself feel any better.

Until one day, I decided to take my life back.

inspirationI changed.

I started slowly.

I started with yoga,

which led to me quitting coffee.

Quitting coffee made me realize that the things you put in your body, does affect how you feel.

I choose to stop eating meat.

Then I started running.

During this process I started loosing weight.

That wasn’t my purpose though.

I didn’t weigh myself.

I didn’t count calories or measure my food.

I dropped most of my daily medication.

I started to pick out clothes that looked good,

rather than picking them out to hide my body.

I got my hair cut.

I started doing my hair.

I started putting on makeup.

I put pride in the person I am.

And I sit and marvel at how a few changes that you make in your everyday life can change, how you see yourself, and how others see you.

It kind of hurts me though, that I didn’t take pride in who I was back then.

I choose to love myself,

no matter what the scale says,

or the food I chose to eat.

Cause none of those things matter.

What matters is that you love yourself.

What do you choose?


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