Less pictures, more words

My Friday night didn’t end up being as humdrum as I was expecting it to be.

After I got off work Friday afternoon, I headed over to my bestie’s house so we could run a few errands.

I needed to go to Lowe’s to look at there ceramic tile for my downstairs bathroom.  I had all intentions of buying the tile yesterday, but right before I left work a co- worker said she had ceramic tile in her shed that needed to be used.  We set up a day this weekend for me to go over to her house and check it out.  I still headed over to Lowe’s to get a feel for what they had, just incase what my co worker has didn’t work out.

After we spent some time in Lowe’s shopping around we headed over to Target, I wanted to get a rug for the bathroom.  I ended up walking out with a shirt, jacket, storage bin, cream cheese, and buyer’s remorse.  I started feeling bad for spending money when I didn’t come home with anything I had planned on buying.

Now I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the tile my co worker has, does indeed work out for me.

My stomach was all but eating itself, so food was a must.  Sam had a coupon for a free appetizer at Texas Roadhouse, and being the thrifty spenders that we are, we got an appetizer and then split the shrimp sewer dinner.  It was more than enough and I rolled walked out of there a happy girl.

I got home Friday night, about 9:30, and it’s sad to say that I was in bed by 10:30.  I have no shame though, after getting up at 5:00, nothing seems too early.

I’m glad I did go to sleep then, because at 3:30 Saturday morning I was wide awake.  Smh.  I had Saturday off, with no child, and I couldn’t even sleep in.

I did what most people who wake up in the early morning do, and got on Pinterest to find some inspiration for breakfast.  I knew I wanted to bake, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted something real sweet… Soft Pretzels Bagels was the winner.


These were so good.

It’s one of those items that I will want in my house pretty much all the time, which could be dangerous.

The rest of Saturday morning was spent painting my hallway, and picking up the tiles that my co-worker had, which will work perfectly!  Phew.


I had probably given myself a gray hair worrying about money for the tile, and spending a few extra dollars at Target.  That’s actually one of the worst feelings is to constantly worry about money.  I know most people have money stress, and can relate.

Later that afternoon I met up with my two friends that I’ve been friends with since elementary and middle school.

I suck and didn’t take one picture, but we had lunch, which was sushi.  It was so good.  I got eel and avocado, spicy crab, and red snapper and mango.  Oh my words.  My mouth is water right now thinking about it.

I wore myself out Saturday, by getting up super early, making bagels and taking my hallway from this

paintto this.

paint4paint3The color wasn’t the exact “gray” I was looking for.  However, when I was at Lowe’s I found this gallon of paint for $5.  It looked close to what I had bought for $25 recently. I bought the $5 can, and took back the $25 can.  Though Lowe’s told me that they weren’t supposed to take paint back, they did.  Score!

It was those exhausting stay at home weekends, but I love seeing the change in my home.

How your weekend?

Are you off tomorrow?



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5 thoughts on “Less pictures, more words

  1. Obviously I’m not an early riser because I just stuff the first thing I see on the dining table into my mouth and call it breakfast. :P Those pretzel bagels look really really good as do many of the breakfast recipes on pinterest. :) And the hallway looks amazing!

    • Soft Pretzel bags were delicious. They will probably become a staple in my house :) I love the reduced paint at Lowe’s. Every time I go in there I make a bee line for the paint.

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