I know…

I know… that I hate the snow, especially when I’m stuck at work.


I know… that I forgot my tennis shoes yesterday and had to improvise in the gym.

know8I know.. that I’m glad that my work has a gym I can go to, no matter what time it is.

know9Not wanting to drive home last night, I waited around 2 hours for one of my co-workers to get off work.  I figured he could drive, and I could ride.  Better safe than sorry!

Thankfully I had the elliptical, Criminal Minds, and the book I’m reading Sharp Objects to keep me company.

I know… that I had no idea that Teen Mom 2 was back on the air.

knowI hopped on the bike for 30 minutes to watch, while I waited on my ride.

60 minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes on the bike, and a few crunches.  Sometimes it’s nice to get stuck at the gym, with no where to go, but there.

I know… that this was some of the best tasting fruit that I’ve had in a while.

know7I know… that this is also some of the best tasting tea.

know5It tastes even better when it’s snowing outside, you’re stuck at work, and your stomach is miserably bloated.

I know… that I did not want to shovel my side walk this morning when it was only about 15 degrees.

know2But I did, and considered it my workout for the day.

I know… that when my Tupperware drawer gets too full to close, it really means that I need to go to the grocery store. Unused Tupperware= No leftovers.know3I know.. that when my lunch looks like this, I’m down to slim pickins’.  Which is kind of the same as the picture above, but not :)

know4Waffle fries, with eggs, spinach, red onion, and hot sauce.

I can’t complain though, it was actually a pretty good lunch.

Tell me something you know?

How much snow did you get?


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