When pins say it better

Sooooo, it’s been a moment since my last post.

My week hasn’t been the greatest of weeks.

Since sometimes pinterest can explain how I’ve been feeling better than I can, I thought I’d let some pins do the talking rather than try to do it myself.

At work…

How I’ve been feeling this week..

The weather…

On being a single mom with a migraine…

My non existent exercise this week…

My diet this week..

5c3f536aa2c78b2a489dca4595d63c87Where I wish I was…


And what I always try and remember…


It’s been kind of a rough week, if you couldn’t tell, but I will only allow myself to wallow in pity for another day or two.  After that it will be time to pick myself up, brush myself off, and move on.

When I sit down a truly think about it, these little things that I am struggling with are minor.  It makes me uncomfortable.  It makes me feel exhausted just in dealing with it.  It makes me want to give up and walk away.  Wouldn’t it be easier to just walk away from those things that are complicated?  Sure, but when is giving up ever the answer?

I hope you all are having a wonderful week, and staying warm!!

How are you feeling this week?

Are you freezing as much of the country is?


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3 thoughts on “When pins say it better

    • Ahhhh… Don’t you hate it?! I thrive on routine, and when the weather throws off everyone else’s routines then mine go out the window as well. I wasn’t much for making food this week, and often went for chocolate instead of meals. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I’m so sorry you had such a bad week! I feel like the weather didn’t help…somehow that seems to put a damper on all my days! Hoping for more happiness this week!

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