GarageBand Tutorial for Beginners 2018

Hello, it’s Patrick here from the beginners this article is for you getting started with GarageBand on Mac can be a daunting task for newcomers. So in this article, I’m going to share my top 5 tips to help you hit the ground running.
GarageBand Tutorial for Beginners 2018
when you open GarageBand on Mac the program will automatically open to the last project that you worked on. to start a new project hit file in the toolbar at the top and select new from the menu if it’s your first time using GarageBand you’ll be taken to the project template window by default, with the new project tab selected you’ll be able to choose from the 8 project templates available to you now these templates open a new  GarageBand project with a variety of trap types instruments and effects pre-loaded which allows you to quickly and easily get to work on a particular genre or type of project. The songwriter template, for example, loads up a mix of audio tracks software instrument tracks and a drummer track setup for what a typical singer-songwriter may need. while the electronic template loads up an electronic-flavored drummer track with a big selection of EDM sense from GarageBand sound library. If you want to start your project from scratch however you’re better off selecting an empty project. doing so will open GarageBand with nothing pre-loaded and you’ll be prompted to select a track tape to add.

garageband windows tutorial 2018
There are three trap types available to you in GarageBand. the software instrument track, which allows you to play and record the huge number of virtual instruments and sounds that come packaged with GarageBand either with a MIDI controller or even with your Mac’s keyboard. there are two subtypes of the audio track the real instrument track lets you record vocals or an instrument through the built-in microphone on your Mac or via an attached external microphone. The guitar track gives you access to Garage Band suite of electric and bass guitar amps ins. And finally, the drummer track which adds a virtual session drummer to your project you can choose from 31 different drummers which cover Rah’s from dubstep to hip-hop to hard rock. whatever you plan to create in GarageBand you’re probably gonna want to include one of these guys in your mix.

garageband instrument
GarageBand has a huge library of pre-recorded snippets of audio that you can use and your projects called loops. There’s a built-in old browser that you can use to search for your loops using filters like genre type, instruments and even the key that the loop is in. click on the loop icon in the top right of the GarageBand window to open the loop browser you can then use the filters up top to find a specific loop type that you’re. after or click on the beats tempo or key headings to sort them that way click on a loop to audition it and then drag and drop it into the workspace to add it to your project.

garageband windows library

The three different loop tapes on offer here correspond to the three track types available in garage bands. blue loops are clips of recorded audio green loops open enter software instrument track, and yellow lips open in a drummer track. The very first time you open GarageBand on Mac you’ll probably notice that a lot of sounds that you want to work with are grayed out this is. because when you first download GarageBand from the Mac App Store all you get is the bare bones of the program, you need to download the rest of its own library separately. Now you can start the download by clicking any of the grid out items that you see in the loop browser for example, or by clicking on GarageBand in the toolbar at the top of the GarageBand window hovering over the sound library and selecting download all available sounds. be warned depending on your internet connection this will take a long time. So maybe set this up before going to bed or before going to work or something

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If you’re ready to start using garage bands huge library of software instruments, but either haven’t gotten around to buying yourself a MIDI controller yet or just don’t have one to hand you can actually use your Mac’s keyboard. click on the window in the toolbar at the top of the GarageBand window and select show musical typing on the keyboard that pops up the middle keys correspond to the white keys on a piano and the W et Y u or NP keys correspond to the Black Keys. you have only got a single octave to play with here but it’s definitely usable and lets you jump into garage bands huge sound library right away. So there you have it that’s my top 5 tips to help you get started with Garage Band on Mac. If you like this video then hit the like button I really do appreciate it and it lets me know that you want to see more articles just like this one.